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Powerful Technique To Make Sure That The Law Of Attraction Will Always Work For You

BE GRATEFUL HOW DO YOU MAKE SURE that the Law Of Attraction will always work for you and not against you? There are so many ways to do that. However, this one right here is one of the most powerful techniques of all time.

Think of the most successful or wealthy person you know whether you know the person personally or not and imagine how he/she lives his/her life every day. If you think you feel envious or jealous about the success or wealth of that person, let it go. Do not entertain it. Instead, immediately say ‘Yes’ to how you believe he/she enjoys wealth and success. By saying yes to those things while holding the images in your awareness, the law of attraction will bring them to you. In time, they will manifest in your reality.

When you practice saying ‘Yes’ to this or that every day, you develop that sense of gratitude. And being grateful means you are thankful for the things or experiences that you already have even if in actual reality you don’t have them yet. Nature rewards those who are grateful for all the things they have received.

So, in your conscious awareness, go back to that image of the most successful or wealthy person you know and imagine how great his/ her life is. Then, say yes to the kind of life he/she is living and say it repeatedly for a number of times. Then, bring that thoughts into your heart. In your heart, focus your attention to it and then say “thank you” for a number of times. Make sure you feel that gratitude- that it really comes from the bottom of your heart. Remember, as I mentioned in one of my articles before, when you think through your heart you will never experience any sense of judgment- that’s how you know you are doing it right when you think through your heart. Be grateful for all the blessings the person has and for the wonderful life experiences he/she is living. In time, you will experience the same in your reality.

This technique works wonders especially in times when you experience frustrations or disappointments, resentment or anger, loneliness, fear and defeat. When you practice this technique, you shift your focus away from yourself and you learn to ignore the hardship caused by those challenges. And instead of attracting more of those difficulties into your life by holding those negative thoughts in your awareness, you are now telling the Universe, Yes- I want more positive and joyful life experiences. And they will come.

ONE THING YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER if you want the law of attraction to really work for you- The Universe does not take no for an answer. Whether you want that thing or not, if you hold it in your attention long enough, the Universe will bring it into your life, whether it is a positive or negative experience. So, be grateful for all the things you already have.

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