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CREATING YOUR NEW BRAIN PATH FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESS: There is no space in the Universe that will not be filled up.

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Here is the continuation of the exercise from “CREATING NEW BRAIN PATH FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESS:…”

Please note that the first part was posted on my facebook page. If you haven’t read and done the exercise, do that first before you proceed here. You can find it here¬†

If you have done the entire exercise already from the last post,  that is just the first part. here is the last part, i.e., Step#7

Now, let us create a new pathway in your brain when you see your wallet with less money or empty or when you think of your bank account with only a few bucks left or any money issue. As the title says- There is no space in the Universe that will not be filled up.

I want you to pullout your wallet again or think about your bank account in consideration of your upcoming bills and incidental expenses. IF you had a successful run of your movie in backward motion, you should not feel any negative emotions this time around, but you will still remember those images you created in your mind and that is just fine. Upon looking inside your wallet with a few money left or upon thinking of your depleted account in your bank account, close your eyes and immediately say this— or something similar to this, feel free to paraphrase in a manner that will resonate with your feelings— “hmmmm, thank God I still have this money now no matter how small the amount. It only means that the Universe can fill this wallet up with more funds again because it now has more space. I would rather see my wallet NOW with less amount of money (or my bank account with a few money left) so that the Universe can immediately replenish it again with fresh and more funds. I trust the Universe and the process with all my heart.” Experience the joy when you say that statement. Now open your eyes…. Then do it again… run this for 3 to 5 times until you have formed in your mind an image that resonates with your emotions. It could be an image of yourself that is so confident that you can never or will never run out of money again. Your brain is so creative that it will be impossible for you not to be able to imagine any object that will represent that joy with your statement.
This time, Open and close your eyes again, then view that image you created and notice where it is located. It could be in front of you or at the upper right corner above your head. I want you to move that image or picture to your upper left corner of your head so that you are looking at it to your upper left corner. Make sure the image is clear in that corner, you will not go to the next step unless the picture is so clear.

Then, leaving that image at the upper left location, I want you to move your eyes (without the picture) down to your lower right corner below your face.

Do step #8 and #9 for about 5 repetitions. Then keep your eyes at the lower right corner for a few seconds. Then physically, I want you to touch your heart with both hands, then give love and compassion to that image that you created. The feeling of love is the greatest power we have and the most effective ingredient of creation. Milk that feeling of love in your heart by giving thanks repeatedly. Double the feeling of gratitude…. then double it again…. double it more…. You will experience that feeling of love and compassion at the center of your chest…. Spend more time with it…. Then, slowly push that feeling at the lower base of your chest, just below the center of your chest…. When you do this, you will experience a great feeling of relaxation, the feeling of as if the job has been done…. Milk that feeling of the job has been done for as long as you wish…. Then say to yourself— now it has been done, I am redeemed. Open your eyes and consider it done.
Do the step #8, #9 and #10 several times everyday for immediate and lasting effect. Steps 8 to 9 should only take you a few seconds. Spend more time with step 10, like 5 minutes or more before you say the last words…. I am redeemed.
So there you go, this is just one of the most practical ways of creating your new brain path for financial success. It will be recorded there in your unconscious and run it on autopilot even while you sleep AND WILL ATTRACT MORE MONEY TO YOU DAY AND NIGHT. That is a guaranteed success formula. I hope you will do it seriously.

You don’t have to pay me any amount, but since nothing is free in the Universe you have to give out something in return to others. I don’t know what you will give them but may I suggest that if this site is able to help you in anyway, let others know about this by recommending to them to like this page, so I can reach out and help more people like you in every way I can. I wish I could count on you. Thank you.


An introduction to practical applications of Success Formula

empty wallet-1

Most people who really haven’t experienced the power of attraction in a positive way will always have the tendency to feel anxious, stressed out, fearful, worried about money, thinking when they’ll get the next money for tomorrow as they see their money running out.

I remember the days when my son would sometimes get some money from my wallet without telling me for whatever reason like he needed extra money for his school allowance or to buy some things for himself. I would find out about it later that day because of my habit of checking my wallet before I leave the house. And there are two kinds of emotions that I always experienced. First, when finances is really tight my reaction would always be negative- like anger and anxiety. Second, when cash flow is good my reaction could be positive- like happiness and tolerance. Based on those two reactions you can guess the outcome of how I would treat my son when I see him later that day. Well, those were the days.

Nowadays, there are times that I still feel it when my wallet is getting thinner. There are also times that I
really don’t notice it. One thing is for sure- Now, I never react and behave in the same manner I used to do
before about the subject of money. Why? Because I have already changed my neurology and created a new neuro-path (through NLP) so that my brain would go that way all the time whenever there’s seem to be a money issue, regardless of its form or nature. And because of that new path, I now experience a new pattern of attitude and behavior that is positive in nature no matter the “thickness or thinness of my wallet”. And because of that positive mental attitude that I have all the time, I now attract and continue to attract positive cash flow into my life.

So, you may ask, what about that new-neuro path and what does that have to do with the law of attraction? Without the knowledge of NLP technology, we tend to follow the law of attraction teachings like visualization. We visualize what we want for a certain period of time like at least 15 minutes everyday hoping that our unconscious will just accept that which is. And then after that visualization part is done, our vision about what we want is gone. And we do it repeatedly everyday. That is, if we can sustain that enthusiasm to visualize. Most of the time we abandon that visualization or meditation task when our patience starts to fade. That is normal. That happens to most people.

Applying the power of attraction is tricky in such a way that we need to have that enough power to sustain that vision in our mind and of course with an intense feeling in our heart if we want to do it right and manifest faster than we expect. This is where the technology of NLP can help us. And there are a number of techniques that you can apply and find out which one will resonate with your desire.

Take a look at that visualization or meditation task. Do you know why most people lose their patience after some time doing the visualization or meditation for what they want to do, be or have? It is simply because they are programmed to slow down and diminish their belief or faith in any process when things are not turning out well so fast. Then, they begin to turn their attention to what they think is the most important thing to do. So, goodbye creation process.

NLP process can program your brain to create that vivid vision in your mind, extract the right emotions(desire) from your belly, and create the intense feeling in your heart and most important, to create your connection with that vision and feeling throughout the day without losing your patience. So that, after your visualization or meditation task for the day is done, your vision and feeling will not be gone. You will have that connection with your desire all the time that is required to bring your creation into your reality. And it all happens in the unconscious all the time. You see, our unconscious runs on autopilot and most of the programs it runs may not be good programs that is why you are reading this page. I want you to relax now and know that you can step on the break and stop that old programs and create new ones.

In my next posts, I will talk about some practical ways and exercises (in series of short articles) on how to apply NLP with LOA in practical ways. So keep in touch.

Until next time.

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