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What is your day going to be like today?

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I sometimes find myself sluggish, like a car that wouldn’t easily start in the morning after having been idle overnight. And I thought I must do something about it. And I did. So here is a quick fix I would like to share with you today. This is a self-management process that you can use to make your life easier everyday. I have started following this 5 simple steps to consciously shape my day. I wish that you could do the same, too. Good luck.

Before I get off my bed and touch the floor with my feet, I ask the first question:

1- What am I looking forward to today? looking forward to-1

A good sense of direction and purpose will keep me going. That’s the first thing I ask for today. However, I need to have the long term direction as well, so I ask the second question:

2- Long term, what I am looking forward to? looking forward to-2

The third question I ask is:

3- Am I doing things that lead directly to my goal? right direction-1

I make sure that I will get the YES answer to be sure I’m on the right path because if the answer is NO, then I explore and know the reasons why, take note of the reasons then lead my mind to the right path. I have to deal with them head on. In other words, I don’t push them back in my mind or ignore them, I deal with them and finally say, “Okay, let us get back on track and move on.” Then I ask the fourth question:

4- Am I being my best friend and supporter right now? i love myself-1

Most of the time we are our greatest critic than our own best cheerleader. Notice that when you criticize yourself you feel weak and demotivated, when you cheer yourself on you generally do better.

And the fifth and last question I ask is:

5- AM I present in my body, here and now? Can I feel what I feel? Can I really see what I see? Can I really hear what I hear? I make sure I enjoy the gift of being alive so I ask the questions like- am I in my head, in my chest, in my hands, in my legs? Am I aware of my entire body and fully inhabiting it? Be aware that if you are not in the present, most of the time you will find yourself in your head preoccupying it thinking about worries, fears, difficulties and all sorts of negative thoughts. When you experience this by being aware, you can literally switch your focus on your body right away. the present moment-1

This is all for now. I hope it helps. Until my next post.

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