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Overcoming Bad Memories

rbandler-1One of my favorite techniques to overcome bad memories is the one that I learned from the co-founder of the original NLP, Richard Bandler. And I want to share this powerful technique with you through an audio recording so you, too, will benefit from it. In this audio you may notice a big difference in approach between Psychology and NLP, if you know what I’m talking about. (If not, please don’t ask me about it because that is not the purpose of this blog post today. Perhaps in the future I can post relevant articles if you want to know the difference between the two in terms of approaches and techniques). Anyway, I am sharing this audio as a solution in case you are suffering from bad memories that are causing you emotional pain today. This can also help you release anger, resentment, nervousness or fear. Or anything that you think is causing you emotional disturbance.

Most people, just choose to groan inwardly simply because they can’t open up or tell anyone about how they feel and why they feel that way. Instead of being able to express despair, disapproval or distress, they just keep quiet and keep it to themselves for a longer time until this negative feeling becomes a trigger to a much difficult life situation or health condition. May I remind you that negative emotion can only bring harmful effects to your body cells, up to the cellular level that can cause degenerative diseases such as heart ailment and all types of cancer. So, why will you keep it if you can release it. Why will you keep that lump in your throat if there’s a way to take it out and free yourself up. Why go bananas if you can learn how to handle your emotion. And I’m telling you there is better way of doing that. You can do it yourself. Yes, on your own, soon as you learn from this audio.

Remember, you are not living alone. Your family loves you and they need you to be around. They want to enjoy life together with you. That’s how family is. The reason I am telling you this is because, your bad memories that you buried there somewhere in your mind will never stop bothering you even in your sleep. That’s why people have nightmares or bad dreams.That is also the reason why sometimes you show an unwanted attitude and exude an annoying behavior. The truth is, you don’t actually want to be like this but that bad memories in your subconscious is fully alive and running your life on auto-pilot. Anything that you see, hear, feel, touch or taste that your brain can associate with your deeply seated bad memories will trigger negative attitude and behavior. The problem is, you don’t know why it is happening to you. You don’t know how to get rid of the cause.

To live a peaceful, happy, comfortable and a fully functional life, one must learn how to control his/her emotion. But how? Controlling our emotions can lead us to success. To be a fully functional and productive employee or business man, a nice loving espouse or parents or just a normal wonderful person, you have to be on top of your emotions all the time.

And this audio will tell you the secret and in just a few minutes, you will begin to live harmoniously and experience freedom once again. Good luck.

Special thanks to Dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder of original NLP.


The Law Of Attraction Is Fake?

LOA world-1

I kept my faith in this law for years. And for many years, it did not serve me as I expected it. And so I said, it was a myth. Fake, period. What a waste of time doing the exercises, experimenting and following the instructions of those who promoted this law and sold their books and seminars to people who hoped that it would really change their lives. But I was wrong. I was not doing it right. I was stupid.

The truth is- this law never fails to work for all of us. It works for us all the time. We receive the answer to our request from the Source all the time. It will always give us what we truly asked for as long as there is no dissonance or conflict between what your mind says and what your heart dictates. Unless you achieve harmony, the imbalance will keep frustrating you.

If you say you want harmonious relationships, but if you are conditioned to look for people’s fault or something to be wrong, or you want more money but you can’t help yourself thinking about your lack of money and opportunities, you will never have what you want. Instead, what you will get is what your heart is truly looking for or observing at the moment, which is the opposite. And what our heart is looking for becomes our reality. Yes, it starts from our thoughts in the beginning, but our feeling creates the reality of what we choose to believe in our heart.

Every day and every moment of each day we tend to create many things through our thoughts and feelings. In fact, John Wheeler, a physicist and colleague of Albert Einstein says that we are part of the Universe which is not finished yet. It is incomplete. It is still a work in progress Universe. And we as humans are tiny parts of this Universe searching for what is not there. By searching for something that is not actually there while expecting that that something exists, it will eventually become manifest. Greg Braden says- The act of us looking with the expectation that something is there is an act of creation unto itself. So, if you look for opportunity to earn more money with the expectation that the opportunity exists then it will eventually exist. If you look for a lump or something in your body that should not be there, with the expectation that it is there, then you will have it. In other words, consciousness is what creates our physical Universe.

UNIVERSE-3According to John Wheeler, we are participating or co-creating in this participatory Universe. Therefore, looking or asking for what we want lies between the Power of the Universe to create and our effort to participate in the creation. But it has to be done in the right manner that is in accordance with what science says. And science says that the power to change our bodies and our world is based on what we believe is true. We live our lives based on what we believe is true such as our abilities and our limitations and what other people tell us, what history and science tell us and our religions tell us(Greg Braden, paraphrased). Better make sure that what you believe is the right truth.

So, if we will only find the way to use our heart effectively to believe in what we think is already here in our lives by creating the right feeling about it, then we will be able to manifest it in our reality in an instant. And that’s what we call miracle. The question is, what’s the role of the heart in the creation process? Is heart more powerful than the mind? Didn’t Napoleon Hills say Think and Grow Rich. Did not James Allen say As A Man Thinketh?

Science says we are made of little particles of quantum energy. And this particle is very powerful. The particles of quantum energy can exist in one place or many places and everywhere. They are connected with one another no matter the distance. And they can communicate with the particles of the past, change that past and bring that change in the present. And because we are made of quantum particles, we can absolutely do what those particles can do. As human we can do everything that those particles can do based on what we believe to be true. And remember this- based on what we believe to be true, NOT IN OUR MIND, but what we BELIEVE IN OUR HEART. Not the mind, but the heart.

When I realized this truth, my perspective about the Law Of Attraction has been changed. My belief in this law became stronger and my point of attraction and power to create have become stronger and more effective with the involvement of my NLP techniques that are also inspired by this discovery. In time, I will share a few techniques on how to manifest based on the principles discussed above.

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In God’s Perfect Timing…

in his time-4 In His time or in God’s perfect timing

I just came from an out of town workshop I conducted the other day in a Hotel in Caliraya, Quezon, here in the Philippines. On our way home a thought came to my mind which I pondered as I lay on the car seat slightly tilted. The thought was “In God’s Perfect Timing” or similar to “In His Time”. I asked myself how come most people would resort to that thought (reframing) when they didn’t get what they wanted or when their prayer was not answered on the day they expected it. Like my parents or siblings would always remark “In His Time it will happen, it is not yet time”.  I am sure you are familiar with the phrase. I was watching a documentary program on TV the other day where a mother was being interviewed. Her son did not pass the exam and she said in filipino language while trying to console her son… “ayos lang yan anak, di pa kalooban ng Diyos na pumasa ka (Don’t feel bad my son, you will pass when you take the exam again in God’s perfect timing). Does it mean that when you did not pass the board exam or the bar exam or any licensure examination it is because God did not want you to pass yet? I asked myself. I am sure there will be different interpretations about this. Please bear with me, I just wanted to share what I just realized.

One of the few reasons why our prayers will not be answered at the expected time is because of our internal resistance or attachment to the outcome of what we are praying for. In the same manner, the reason why some deals will not materialize on time or a project will not push through is because of the internal resistance or attachment to outcome. It can greatly influence our perspective in a negative way. Ergo, it will affect our results.

Internal resistance is lack of faith or trust. Doubt. It is like keeping your long list of “What If’s” in your mind. It is more likely that you will not receive what you asked for on time if you don’t let go of your internal resistance. Let go of the “what if” like “What if my prayer was not heard yet, what if it doesn’t come on time, what if I fail, what if a problem crop up” and so on and you will receive it. However, the guarantee will not come from the Universe or from me, it will come from you. Stat working on it now. And improve on it. For some, it may take time. It doesn’t always happen overnight. You have to get the hang of it before you experience the positive result. In my future article I will post an NLP technique on how you can program your brain to interpret the phrase “In God’s Perfect Timing” every time you say it or hear it as a reminder from your conscious to command your unconscious to release all resistance or doubts at once. It will shift your vibration and set your mind and action on the right track.

God’s perfect timing is the present moment. The “Now”. The Universe doesn’t understand the term “yesterday”, “today” or “tomorrow”, “in the future” or “later”. It only understands the present as there is no time and space in the Universe. Therefore, God’s perfect timing is only “Now”, the present. So when you ask the Universe for something or when you pray to God, make sure you release your resistance right away. Accept the fact that it may not happen at the time you expect it and it will come. Why? Because accepting the fact that it may not happen at the time you expect it does not mean it will not come on time. It means you are relinquishing your control of the outcome to the Universe. Let God work for you. Always say- In God’s perfect timing or in His time. And when or before you utter the phrase, make sure you believe the fact that the perfect time is now. Expect my post on how your unconscious can facilitate the letting go or resistance release quickly…in God’s perfect timing.

How did I stop overindulging in chocolate?

eating chocolate cropped-vibration3.jpg

All of us have so many bad habits and bad eating habit is one of them. Yes, I am guilty I must admit. One day, I will have to sit down and have a self-talk to convince myself to change my eating habit. Even though I have junked my overindulgence in chocolate, I still have poor eating habit. But since I have worked this one out, the main culprit will soon be eradicated.

If you are overindulging in eating your favorite food, not only chocolate, here is how you can stop it. Please note that the one I am posting here is not the actual and exact model I used for myself. The reason? It is a long process and requires a longer post, longer than this one. To make it simple, I modeled another process which I also have tried and tested. It worked, although it is a bit gross (I have revised it several times and this is the best I came up). But sometimes it has to be this way so we learn quickly. So here it is.

This exercise must be done efficiently. If you will do it alone, it is better to memorize the script and imagine that it is me or your own therapist talking to you with the script. If you will work with another person to help you, let him or her read the script to guide you. Either way, the voice of the person whether imagined or a real person helping you with the exercise must be in the right tonality, which is close to a low pitch and with slow pacing. The tonality must be in downward inflection. (Ask the internet about downward inflection to guide you).


It is important that you have in front of your your favorite food. Put that on a table at your chest level. About 6 inches in front of you, but dont touch it. Not yet.

Close your eyes. I want you to imagine the picture of your favorite food to eat. See the picture in your mind, and experience the feeling it can give you. As you see it in your mind, it waters your mouth immediately. That’s right and you are now craving for it. Yes, right, you are craving for it…. Now, you probably saw that image in front of you or in the upper left corner above your head. Now, I want you to shrink the size of that picture to about an inch. Then leave that shrunk picture there for a while.

Now, open your eyes. I want you to imagine now the worst food you have ever tasted or eaten in your whole life. If you cannot think of that experience or perhaps you can’t remember eating the worst food on earth at this time, it is just fine. You can think of any food that in your judgement is the worst food to eat. I am sure you can find one in your mind. When you have found that bad food in your mind, close your eyes. I want you to bring the image closer to your face and notice how you feel. Is it giving you a yucky feeling or a feeling that you want to throw up? If it’s the worst food like you think it is, then you have chosen the worst food. If not yet, repeat the process of finding the right worst food again. Until you succeed. Then push that image or picture of the bad food towards your upper left corner about a feet away above your head so that you are looking at it diagonally to your upper left corner. It is actually the same location where you saw the picture of your favorite food, isn’t it?


Close your eyes again. I want you to pull that picture of worst food to eat in front of you and make it a live image. Meaning, you are now seeing in front of you a real worst food to eat. It is no longer just a picture. It is real. Now see yourself holding it…. and you are now putting it in your mouth to taste it. Now taste it even if you feel you don’t like doing it…. see how you can tolerate the taste of it. If you can tolerate it, do you think you now like the taste or beginning to like the taste? Of course, since you knew that it is the worst food you can ever eat in your entire life, you really wouldn’t want to taste it again. Now, notice how imagining it and tasting it affects your mouth… is it watering? is it getting dry? How is it affecting your stomach? Do you feel like throwing up? What is your level of acidity in your stomach?

Now, after tasting it, I want you to really have a bite of that food. If you can have a bite of it, then chew it, if you can chew it, then swallow it…. If you are able to do it, you now have experienced in reality, how it feels to eat the worst food on earth. If you are not able to do it, it means you will never try to do it again in the future, will you?


Now, as you keep your eyes closed, I want you to go back to the picture of your favorite food where you left it a while ago. I want you to enlarge that picture to its original size. How do you feel seeing it again? I am sure you now feel a little better.

Now leave that picture there again and go back to the picture of the worst food that is still in front of you. Now, In a split second, I want you to switch the location of these two pictures. The worst food must go to where the favorite food is and the favorite food must go to where the worst food is.

Now, notice that your favorite food is in front of you now and it is located in the same place where the worst food was. IT ONLY MEANS ONE THING, your favorite food is now CONTAMINATED and having the TASTE of the worst food. I want you to notice how you feel now that your favorite food in front of you is contaminated and having the worst taste unlike before. My question now is, will you try to have a bite and chew it then swallow it? Will you eat the same kind of food in the future now that it tastes like the worst food? I am sure you won’t. And you will not.


Open your eyes now, then look at the real favorite food on the table in front of you. How do you feel about it now? Do you still crave for it. Now touch it. Would you like to eat it? If you still crave for it, then, do the exercise again one more time. It should work the first time you do the exercise, though.


If you will surround yourself with your favorite food again and again after doing this particular mind programming (NLP), then there is a great chance that you will recreate the same brain pattern for your favorite food. To have a lasting effect after doing this exercise, make a decision to avoid that kind of food and that you will never taste it again. In case it fades after a long time and you think you are beginning to crave again, you know how to teach your brain now. Just repeat the exercise once again and it will work just the same. Good luck!

CREATING YOUR NEW BRAIN PATH FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESS: There is no space in the Universe that will not be filled up.

key to abundance

Here is the continuation of the exercise from “CREATING NEW BRAIN PATH FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESS:…”

Please note that the first part was posted on my facebook page. If you haven’t read and done the exercise, do that first before you proceed here. You can find it here

If you have done the entire exercise already from the last post,  that is just the first part. here is the last part, i.e., Step#7

Now, let us create a new pathway in your brain when you see your wallet with less money or empty or when you think of your bank account with only a few bucks left or any money issue. As the title says- There is no space in the Universe that will not be filled up.

I want you to pullout your wallet again or think about your bank account in consideration of your upcoming bills and incidental expenses. IF you had a successful run of your movie in backward motion, you should not feel any negative emotions this time around, but you will still remember those images you created in your mind and that is just fine. Upon looking inside your wallet with a few money left or upon thinking of your depleted account in your bank account, close your eyes and immediately say this— or something similar to this, feel free to paraphrase in a manner that will resonate with your feelings— “hmmmm, thank God I still have this money now no matter how small the amount. It only means that the Universe can fill this wallet up with more funds again because it now has more space. I would rather see my wallet NOW with less amount of money (or my bank account with a few money left) so that the Universe can immediately replenish it again with fresh and more funds. I trust the Universe and the process with all my heart.” Experience the joy when you say that statement. Now open your eyes…. Then do it again… run this for 3 to 5 times until you have formed in your mind an image that resonates with your emotions. It could be an image of yourself that is so confident that you can never or will never run out of money again. Your brain is so creative that it will be impossible for you not to be able to imagine any object that will represent that joy with your statement.
This time, Open and close your eyes again, then view that image you created and notice where it is located. It could be in front of you or at the upper right corner above your head. I want you to move that image or picture to your upper left corner of your head so that you are looking at it to your upper left corner. Make sure the image is clear in that corner, you will not go to the next step unless the picture is so clear.

Then, leaving that image at the upper left location, I want you to move your eyes (without the picture) down to your lower right corner below your face.

Do step #8 and #9 for about 5 repetitions. Then keep your eyes at the lower right corner for a few seconds. Then physically, I want you to touch your heart with both hands, then give love and compassion to that image that you created. The feeling of love is the greatest power we have and the most effective ingredient of creation. Milk that feeling of love in your heart by giving thanks repeatedly. Double the feeling of gratitude…. then double it again…. double it more…. You will experience that feeling of love and compassion at the center of your chest…. Spend more time with it…. Then, slowly push that feeling at the lower base of your chest, just below the center of your chest…. When you do this, you will experience a great feeling of relaxation, the feeling of as if the job has been done…. Milk that feeling of the job has been done for as long as you wish…. Then say to yourself— now it has been done, I am redeemed. Open your eyes and consider it done.
Do the step #8, #9 and #10 several times everyday for immediate and lasting effect. Steps 8 to 9 should only take you a few seconds. Spend more time with step 10, like 5 minutes or more before you say the last words…. I am redeemed.
So there you go, this is just one of the most practical ways of creating your new brain path for financial success. It will be recorded there in your unconscious and run it on autopilot even while you sleep AND WILL ATTRACT MORE MONEY TO YOU DAY AND NIGHT. That is a guaranteed success formula. I hope you will do it seriously.

You don’t have to pay me any amount, but since nothing is free in the Universe you have to give out something in return to others. I don’t know what you will give them but may I suggest that if this site is able to help you in anyway, let others know about this by recommending to them to like this page, so I can reach out and help more people like you in every way I can. I wish I could count on you. Thank you.

An introduction to practical applications of Success Formula

empty wallet-1

Most people who really haven’t experienced the power of attraction in a positive way will always have the tendency to feel anxious, stressed out, fearful, worried about money, thinking when they’ll get the next money for tomorrow as they see their money running out.

I remember the days when my son would sometimes get some money from my wallet without telling me for whatever reason like he needed extra money for his school allowance or to buy some things for himself. I would find out about it later that day because of my habit of checking my wallet before I leave the house. And there are two kinds of emotions that I always experienced. First, when finances is really tight my reaction would always be negative- like anger and anxiety. Second, when cash flow is good my reaction could be positive- like happiness and tolerance. Based on those two reactions you can guess the outcome of how I would treat my son when I see him later that day. Well, those were the days.

Nowadays, there are times that I still feel it when my wallet is getting thinner. There are also times that I
really don’t notice it. One thing is for sure- Now, I never react and behave in the same manner I used to do
before about the subject of money. Why? Because I have already changed my neurology and created a new neuro-path (through NLP) so that my brain would go that way all the time whenever there’s seem to be a money issue, regardless of its form or nature. And because of that new path, I now experience a new pattern of attitude and behavior that is positive in nature no matter the “thickness or thinness of my wallet”. And because of that positive mental attitude that I have all the time, I now attract and continue to attract positive cash flow into my life.

So, you may ask, what about that new-neuro path and what does that have to do with the law of attraction? Without the knowledge of NLP technology, we tend to follow the law of attraction teachings like visualization. We visualize what we want for a certain period of time like at least 15 minutes everyday hoping that our unconscious will just accept that which is. And then after that visualization part is done, our vision about what we want is gone. And we do it repeatedly everyday. That is, if we can sustain that enthusiasm to visualize. Most of the time we abandon that visualization or meditation task when our patience starts to fade. That is normal. That happens to most people.

Applying the power of attraction is tricky in such a way that we need to have that enough power to sustain that vision in our mind and of course with an intense feeling in our heart if we want to do it right and manifest faster than we expect. This is where the technology of NLP can help us. And there are a number of techniques that you can apply and find out which one will resonate with your desire.

Take a look at that visualization or meditation task. Do you know why most people lose their patience after some time doing the visualization or meditation for what they want to do, be or have? It is simply because they are programmed to slow down and diminish their belief or faith in any process when things are not turning out well so fast. Then, they begin to turn their attention to what they think is the most important thing to do. So, goodbye creation process.

NLP process can program your brain to create that vivid vision in your mind, extract the right emotions(desire) from your belly, and create the intense feeling in your heart and most important, to create your connection with that vision and feeling throughout the day without losing your patience. So that, after your visualization or meditation task for the day is done, your vision and feeling will not be gone. You will have that connection with your desire all the time that is required to bring your creation into your reality. And it all happens in the unconscious all the time. You see, our unconscious runs on autopilot and most of the programs it runs may not be good programs that is why you are reading this page. I want you to relax now and know that you can step on the break and stop that old programs and create new ones.

In my next posts, I will talk about some practical ways and exercises (in series of short articles) on how to apply NLP with LOA in practical ways. So keep in touch.

Until next time.

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