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Are you depressed or bummed out? Take this NLP-LOA pill.

fight depression-1This article is going to be a short one. I just wanted you to know that there is a powerful and fastest way to fight your depression or any negative emotions like sadness, hopelessness or the effect of disappointment, or failure, grief. Whether you are depressed or just bummed out, this powerful technique worked best for me and will surely work for you.

Sometimes I have to go through all the emotional pain and suffering in order for me to discover the best possible solution to help myself out and improve my well being. What I am going to share with you is unique and based on my original concept.

But before that, let me tell you first that I developed and used this this concept a year ago and because I continue to experiment and create new concept now and then on how to improve people’s well being, I have forgotten about it. I have a terrible filing system even in my laptop so it is unlikely that I will easily notice that I buried something very important somewhere. In short, it just showed up again because the Universe knew I would need it again. I was suffering from emotional pain because of the many unwanted events that happened to me and my family in the past weeks. It wasn’t that easy. In fact, I realized that there really is no “superman” in this world. And if ever there is, that guy has its own kryptonite that can shoot him down. It only goes to show we are all human. However, for as long as you find a way to keep away from your own kryptonite, it cannot bother you all the time.

When I reunited with my buried written instructions again, my negative feeling began to shift so fast as I could still sense its powerful energy that helped me before. I immediately experienced great relief. I read it and followed the instructions and in just a few minutes,  my emotional pain and suffering is gone. I felt I was born again, as if nothing happened even if I knew there is still a lot of mess to clean up along the way. But thank holiness, I can face all this now with courage and my high self-esteem. self-esteem-1

If you need a lift right now, you can immediately use this to feel better. If not, you can try and practice it to familiarize yourself with it. Otherwise, just bookmark this post and go back to it when the time that you need this comes. So, without further ado, here is the simplified version of my NLP technique on how to eradicate depression or negative emotion, for you…

  • Sit in a comfortable chair. A nice meditation music can help but is not necessary.
  • Just be comfortable. Then close your eyes and take a deep breath…
  • Whatever negative emotion you are feeling now, just accept it and feel it more. Never resist that feeling. Let it flow…
  • Check your body. Where do you feel that emotion? Do you feel a heaviness in your chest area? Head area? Is it in your stomach or in the back? Is it in the shoulder area? Identify the location and focus your attention there for a while…
  • Now, try to imagine what the heaviness or pain looks like. (In my case, when I feel the heaviness or pain in my chest when I feel lonely or frustrated, I see it like a dark lump or sometimes it looks like a dark smoke with irregular shape slowly spinning in one direction. You may see it in a different image.) It doesn’t really matter how you see it. That is how you create your own representation of how you feel.
  • In your mind, Take the image with your hand and place it in front of you, about 2 feet away.
  • Focus on that image of your negative feeling. Then, think about love. Ask yourself how you want to represent love as you concentrate on that image of negative feeling. Your mind will surely and immediately give you a suggestion of how you want to represent it. (In my case, when I think of love, I see a picture of the heart in my mind. A red heart.)
  • When you see that image already (a few inches away from your negative image (right or left or above it), notice how you feel. You will feel the energy of love within your body. You will feel it stronger in your chest area. Spend a few more seconds to enjoy that feeling. You will feel that sense of relief immediately because you were having a bad feeling earlier.
  • Now, look at the two images in front of you- the “love” and the “negative emotion”. Upon seeing both of them, quickly bring the “love” over the “negative emotion”. Upon seeing this happening you will notice that the “negative emotion” is fading out or banishing itself. See it happening in a few seconds only.
  • When the “negative emotion” is gone you will feel that pure “love” right away.
  • Because the image is two feet away in front of you right now, you can slowly bring it closer you. Slowly. And as you pull it closer to you, the image of love gets bigger and bigger. As it gets bigger, you will feel the love getting stronger and stronger. Enjoy that moment where love is so pure.
  • Then, gently snap that “love” into your chest area. When you have done that, you will feel complete. Love will bring that magic in your life.
  • And finally, say these magic words: I love you, please forgive me. I love myself, I forgive myself. I care for you. I care about myself. I understand you. I understand myself. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  • Open your eyes. The job is done. Face the world with unconditional love.

Can you do it again when you need it. Well, no one says you can’t. Soon as you are able to achieve this positive feeling and that sense of unconditional love, the positive flow of life that the law of attraction has set for you will be reactivated immediately. And you are once again, reunited.

Have a nice day!

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Make Affirmation Work For You Once And For All


Let me reveal this powerful secret to you. It is for free and there is no catch. It is yours for personal use.

 Why affirmation doesn’t work for you in the first place while it works for other people? It is for the simple reason being your unconscious (feeling mind) does not agree with your conscious (thinking mind). You have probably heard about that already but not the simple solution I will share with you today. If you can make these two minds congruent with each other all the time all you want to achieve will be possible- business or career success, love, abundance, successful marriage, perfect relationship, peace, travel, etc. Imagine what your life would be if you could make those quantum possibilities your reality.

Most people recite their affirmation for what they want to be, do or have over and over again everyday so that when the subconscious mind hears the suggestion your body will act it out. It is supposed to be a powerful suggestion to the unconscious so that you become the person you want to be or live the life you dream about. To attract what they want in their lives, people say their affirmation coupled with the vision of the image of their goal. To break a pile of bricks, great martial artists would visualize their hand already passed through those bricks and not how their hand would break those bricks using enormous amount of power. It will be an effortless success when they finally execute the visualized action. However, it is not that easy for the ordinary people who do not know how to use the power they already have. And that’s the point I want to raise here- you should not use affirmation excessively to get what you want because it will only lead to disappointments and frustrations. The power comes from the affirmation that one recites. If you are just like me before, one day you will conclude you don’t have any use for it and you will finally junk the idea. You have that power whether you believe it or not, you just have to know how to use it.

Let me reveal to you this powerful secret. It is for free and there is no catch. It is yours for personal use. Read and understand this carefully. The Universe is filled with possibilities and for us to make one or many of those possibilities our reality we must learn to lock in those possibilities in our thoughts by choosing what we want and then create the feeling of that choice as if we already have it. Remember, it is how you feel it and not just how you say and envision it. Affirmation will only help you in this exercise to clarify what you want. Visualization will only help you in this exercise if you will be able to see the image in your heart and if you can create the feeling associated with the image of your vision. The power sits in the heart so you have to learn to create the feeling from the heart and not from the conscious mind (thinking mind). And there is only one simple gauge to know if you are doing it right– when you use your mind to create the feeling, you judge that feeling, but when you use your heart you create a feeling without judging the feeling you create. And remember, the only feeling you can create is either LOVE or HATRED.

Here is a simple illustration:

  1. Think about what you want. Saying it out loud once or twice in the form of an affirmation will help you to focus and create that image in your mind.
  2. From your conscious mind, fill your thought with some emotions like joy or happiness, or peace.
  3. Bring that thought or vision down into your heart and create the feeling of LOVE. To create the feeling of LOVE, you must exercise gratitude while focusing your attention in the heart area. LOVE here means unconditional love, no judgment. When you succeed in doing this, (it is not always easy if you are a novice), then milk that feeling and stay there for as long as you can.
  4. Finally, when you are done with the exercise you have to make sure you are connected with your feeling every day. How? – By thinking about your goal first then shifting your attention to your heart. Remember to spend more time in the heart area. And because you have chosen the feeling of having it already in your life, consider it done.
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