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The Law Of Attraction Is Fake?

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I kept my faith in this law for years. And for many years, it did not serve me as I expected it. And so I said, it was a myth. Fake, period. What a waste of time doing the exercises, experimenting and following the instructions of those who promoted this law and sold their books and seminars to people who hoped that it would really change their lives. But I was wrong. I was not doing it right. I was stupid.

The truth is- this law never fails to work for all of us. It works for us all the time. We receive the answer to our request from the Source all the time. It will always give us what we truly asked for as long as there is no dissonance or conflict between what your mind says and what your heart dictates. Unless you achieve harmony, the imbalance will keep frustrating you.

If you say you want harmonious relationships, but if you are conditioned to look for people’s fault or something to be wrong, or you want more money but you can’t help yourself thinking about your lack of money and opportunities, you will never have what you want. Instead, what you will get is what your heart is truly looking for or observing at the moment, which is the opposite. And what our heart is looking for becomes our reality. Yes, it starts from our thoughts in the beginning, but our feeling creates the reality of what we choose to believe in our heart.

Every day and every moment of each day we tend to create many things through our thoughts and feelings. In fact, John Wheeler, a physicist and colleague of Albert Einstein says that we are part of the Universe which is not finished yet. It is incomplete. It is still a work in progress Universe. And we as humans are tiny parts of this Universe searching for what is not there. By searching for something that is not actually there while expecting that that something exists, it will eventually become manifest. Greg Braden says- The act of us looking with the expectation that something is there is an act of creation unto itself. So, if you look for opportunity to earn more money with the expectation that the opportunity exists then it will eventually exist. If you look for a lump or something in your body that should not be there, with the expectation that it is there, then you will have it. In other words, consciousness is what creates our physical Universe.

UNIVERSE-3According to John Wheeler, we are participating or co-creating in this participatory Universe. Therefore, looking or asking for what we want lies between the Power of the Universe to create and our effort to participate in the creation. But it has to be done in the right manner that is in accordance with what science says. And science says that the power to change our bodies and our world is based on what we believe is true. We live our lives based on what we believe is true such as our abilities and our limitations and what other people tell us, what history and science tell us and our religions tell us(Greg Braden, paraphrased). Better make sure that what you believe is the right truth.

So, if we will only find the way to use our heart effectively to believe in what we think is already here in our lives by creating the right feeling about it, then we will be able to manifest it in our reality in an instant. And that’s what we call miracle. The question is, what’s the role of the heart in the creation process? Is heart more powerful than the mind? Didn’t Napoleon Hills say Think and Grow Rich. Did not James Allen say As A Man Thinketh?

Science says we are made of little particles of quantum energy. And this particle is very powerful. The particles of quantum energy can exist in one place or many places and everywhere. They are connected with one another no matter the distance. And they can communicate with the particles of the past, change that past and bring that change in the present. And because we are made of quantum particles, we can absolutely do what those particles can do. As human we can do everything that those particles can do based on what we believe to be true. And remember this- based on what we believe to be true, NOT IN OUR MIND, but what we BELIEVE IN OUR HEART. Not the mind, but the heart.

When I realized this truth, my perspective about the Law Of Attraction has been changed. My belief in this law became stronger and my point of attraction and power to create have become stronger and more effective with the involvement of my NLP techniques that are also inspired by this discovery. In time, I will share a few techniques on how to manifest based on the principles discussed above.

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