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How Did I Quit Smoking After 30 Years?

Quit Smoking Book CoverHey guys, I am glad to be back here. You know, this past weeks I was so engrossed in writing my ebook on quitting smoking. I wanted to finish it in two weeks’ time so that I could move on with my other tasks. I actually missed my target as I went over another week for editing works, but it’s worth it. Finally, thank God because just today, I have submitted my manuscript to Amazon Kindle, Smashwords and to its ebook channels/retailer partners in different regions.  I always say I am proud of this book because it is about my personal story of successful cold turkey quitting, and it is a real cold turkey.

Millions of copies of different books on how to quit smoking have been sold to millions of people in the planet for years, and yet there are hundreds of millions of smokers today who are STILL looking for the right solution. Is it because the majority of those smokers who said they quit did not really quit forever?

Quitting smoking had not been easy for me in 30 years. Like most smokers, I always treated quitting as an almost impossible dream, but despite, I always had that urge to quit. What I realized was that, and I admittedly regret it today, I never really sat down and contemplated the possible reasons why I couldn’t easily quit; what had been causing my dependence to nicotine? I knew I would always fail quitting, but every time I would have the urge to quit and get myself out of addiction, I always found myself back in the same rut.  That realization was in fact, the reason why I pushed through with my idea of writing this book.

The title of the book is “How Did I Quit Smoking After 30 Years?” with subtitle “Who says a cold turkey way is not possible? Discover how I tasted victory after 30 long years. You too can be smoke-free for a lifetime.” which I dedicated to my father who died of lung cancer seven years ago.

Each chapter of the book is designed to condition/prepare the readers’ mind for the quitting process which is toward the last chapters. The beauty of this book is that it is entirely different from the other quit smoking books in the market. The process is very practical that any human being can understand and perform on their own. In the end upon realizing your successful result, you will be amazed while you can’t help but scratch your head and say: I never thought it could be this easy; where has this idea been hiding all these years? I myself scratched my head :). Thanks to my NLP skills.

I hope you will find time to check it out from your favorite ebook channels in the internet in the next couple of weeks, although it is now available in Smashwords today and it will be on Amazon within 24 hours from the time I posted this blog. I recommend this book as your gift to yourself if you are a smoker wanting to quit, if not, as your gift to someone else smoking.

Until next time!


How did Walt Disney become successful?

WALT DISNEY-1Have you heard of the great secret of Walt Disney’s success? It is called Creativity Strategy-using creative imagination to envision and create the future. Walt Disney was one of the most creative people of the 20th century. He was a successful film director, screen writer, voice actor and animator. And of course, I should not forget- he has been one of the most successful entrepreneur during his time. He envisioned and created the first ever theme park, Disney Land, in the 1950’s which is continually raking in money and success after success all over the world.

Whenever Mr. Walt would create something new, he would assume three roles during his creative imagination process. They are- The Dreamer, The Realist, and the Critic. What made him successful using this process is his ability to take on these roles one at a time. He would never allow the realist and the critic to enter into the picture unless the dreamer has fulfilled his role.

Here is how he would run the system:

Mr. Walt had a special chair in his creativity room where he would sit before he would start dreaming.

First, he became the DREAMER. Mr. Walt would dream of the Disney character that he would like to create in the future. That’s what he did when he successfully created Micky Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto as well as when he animated the German fairy tale – Snow white and the seven dwarfs. When he began to dream, he would imagine himself sitting in that special chair. Then he would bring the character that he wanted to create and would imagine everything he wanted to be part of that experience- the looks, the attire, the sound, the style, the way the subject talks, smiles, laughs, cries, how tall, how short, the color- all that he wanted to be part of it.

All he did as the dreamer was to observe and to take note of all that’s happening in the dream and everything he could think about for that dream.

Second, the dreamer would step aside so the REALIST can enter and sit in a different chair. The Realist is the one who takes the concepts and makes them real. It is the person who would tell him if the concept is possible or not, or how they can improve the concept. The realist would recommend something like, “I think it would be better if we change the color of the hair to gold, or make the ear of the mouse rounded and big and make it black”. However, the dreamer and the realist make sure that the discussion is positive and harmonious.

Third, when the realist has done his job, he would step aside so the CRITIC could come in. The job of the critic is to make sure that the concept is ecological. He takes care of the things that might be of some concerns when the dreamer and the realist got what they envisioned. During the discussion, the critic doesn’t say “Yes, but…’. Yes, but- means, the previous statement is negated by the “but”. The critic would say something in a positive tone like, “Okay, I think it is an interesting concept. However, are you sure that we do not violate any rights, or have you thought about it carefully to ensure that the concept is friendly to all types of children?”

Though this strategy was originally conceived and used by an individual. Big corporations are adopting this pattern as part of their operations, today. It is used by companies to solve problems, improve and create more products and services.

How To Achieve Harmonious Relationship?


Are you reacting or responding? No one wins in any verbal or physical fight, when both parties begin to throw each other invective words and hurting statements or when both engage in a physical fight, because both are reacting to their present circumstance. But when the other party begins to pause for a while and begin to think and use the mind rather than the emotion, that person is responding by reacting favorably to himself/herself and in the end, the responding person wins. Then harmonious relationship can be achieved.

Seek ye the path of no resistance. Go for the harmony.

I trained under different disciplines of martial arts such as Karate, Stick fighting (Arnis De Mano) and Aikido. Karate and Arnis are both aggressive combative fighting where the only way to survive is by hitting the opponent really hard by going over and against the opponent’s fighting skills. Going that way will surely drain your energy in the end, win or lose. That way, you may win the battle but you’ll lose the war. On the other hand, Aikido is the most graceful form of all martial arts. In fact, it doesn’t require fighting stance in the first place because it is not designed to destroy your opponent by your own force or strength but by your opponents’ own strength. The best way to win the match is by staying relaxed but focused during the fight. Your goal is to win without resisting the opponents’ attack by leading their attacking hand or feet away from your body gracefully, making your opponents release their energy into the air. You defend yourself without taking any blow. Hence, draining the energy of the opponent. This way, you win both the battle and the war. aikido-1

We experience this analogy of martial arts in our lives many times over as the loser. Simply because we are conditioned to react and not respond properly to a given situation. For example, the lack of harmony in our family is often times caused by a member or members who react to things due to lack of understanding of the situation or present condition. If we can understand where the other party is coming from in an argument then, we can suspend our conclusion or judgment. In the end, we will be able to respond properly. People who reacts are usually people who are emotionally mature (with low emotional quotient) or people who are not proactive.

We have prejudices about the people we know, even about our loved ones. And you know what prejudice is- preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. That preconceived opinion about others is a common cause of conflict in many relationships, even in our own family. If only that everyone in this world can change their attitude about one another, there will always be peace on earth. But it is not that easy to change.

If one wants to change, the first thing one must do is to change his own perception about himself. Neurologically, we react to people, event or things based on our perception about our own self. What we see within is what we see without. Ask yourself now, do you have respect for your boss or teacher or parents or authorities, espouse, siblings or neighbors? If you are sure that it is a yes then kudos, you truly is a man who value yourself as human being. If it is a no, then you already know the answer. In Mathew 7:2, the Bible says, For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

Along with this here are some thoughts for us to ponder:

  • The 3 F’s: Forgive, Forgive, Forgive…
  • Exercise MEEKNESS all the time. But it doesn’t mean we are submissive to the discord and disorder, we are meek only to the law. We are meek when we don’t get angry or argue; when we stop resisting; when we don’t insist upon our right; when we are humble, righteous, teachable and patient.
  • The 3 L’s: Listen, Listen, Listen…
  • Ditch the pride.
  • Bless your opponents.
  • Do good to them that hate you.
  • Remove the opposition from your consciousness, work from your own mind.
  • Destroy your enemies by making them your friends.
  • Befriend your internal critique.
  • How are we going to be at that moment?
  • Keep our mind on the objectives and we will ultimately win reaching the goal.
  • We say we want abundance or good health or happy marriage or success in business or career. But anytime we are agreeing with conditions that are difficult, or talk about poverty or any past negative experiences, we actually are creating resistance to the very thing we want.
  • When Jesus healed the sick, he never agreed that sickness was present in the person who was sick. He did not even agreed that Lazarus or the child were already dead so miracle could happen. It is simply a typical proof of being nonresistant.
  • Work with and for that which we want, not over and against what we want.
  • Setting up a resistance barred the way of our good coming into us.
  • How to open up the floodgates of blessings?… By being in agreement with all that is prosperous.
  • Water is a non-resistant element. Be like it- Adaptable to changes; Can fit it in any situation or condition; Free flowing.
  • Learn to relax and let it flow freely.
  • The 3 R’s: Respond, Respond, Respond…

Reprogram your mind by developing the habit of pondering on good thoughts that can develop you as a person. A simple do-it-yourself NLP can help you change. Changes begin from taking small steps.

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Overcoming Bad Memories

rbandler-1One of my favorite techniques to overcome bad memories is the one that I learned from the co-founder of the original NLP, Richard Bandler. And I want to share this powerful technique with you through an audio recording so you, too, will benefit from it. In this audio you may notice a big difference in approach between Psychology and NLP, if you know what I’m talking about. (If not, please don’t ask me about it because that is not the purpose of this blog post today. Perhaps in the future I can post relevant articles if you want to know the difference between the two in terms of approaches and techniques). Anyway, I am sharing this audio as a solution in case you are suffering from bad memories that are causing you emotional pain today. This can also help you release anger, resentment, nervousness or fear. Or anything that you think is causing you emotional disturbance.

Most people, just choose to groan inwardly simply because they can’t open up or tell anyone about how they feel and why they feel that way. Instead of being able to express despair, disapproval or distress, they just keep quiet and keep it to themselves for a longer time until this negative feeling becomes a trigger to a much difficult life situation or health condition. May I remind you that negative emotion can only bring harmful effects to your body cells, up to the cellular level that can cause degenerative diseases such as heart ailment and all types of cancer. So, why will you keep it if you can release it. Why will you keep that lump in your throat if there’s a way to take it out and free yourself up. Why go bananas if you can learn how to handle your emotion. And I’m telling you there is better way of doing that. You can do it yourself. Yes, on your own, soon as you learn from this audio.

Remember, you are not living alone. Your family loves you and they need you to be around. They want to enjoy life together with you. That’s how family is. The reason I am telling you this is because, your bad memories that you buried there somewhere in your mind will never stop bothering you even in your sleep. That’s why people have nightmares or bad dreams.That is also the reason why sometimes you show an unwanted attitude and exude an annoying behavior. The truth is, you don’t actually want to be like this but that bad memories in your subconscious is fully alive and running your life on auto-pilot. Anything that you see, hear, feel, touch or taste that your brain can associate with your deeply seated bad memories will trigger negative attitude and behavior. The problem is, you don’t know why it is happening to you. You don’t know how to get rid of the cause.

To live a peaceful, happy, comfortable and a fully functional life, one must learn how to control his/her emotion. But how? Controlling our emotions can lead us to success. To be a fully functional and productive employee or business man, a nice loving espouse or parents or just a normal wonderful person, you have to be on top of your emotions all the time.

And this audio will tell you the secret and in just a few minutes, you will begin to live harmoniously and experience freedom once again. Good luck.

Special thanks to Dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder of original NLP.

Are you depressed or bummed out? Take this NLP-LOA pill.

fight depression-1This article is going to be a short one. I just wanted you to know that there is a powerful and fastest way to fight your depression or any negative emotions like sadness, hopelessness or the effect of disappointment, or failure, grief. Whether you are depressed or just bummed out, this powerful technique worked best for me and will surely work for you.

Sometimes I have to go through all the emotional pain and suffering in order for me to discover the best possible solution to help myself out and improve my well being. What I am going to share with you is unique and based on my original concept.

But before that, let me tell you first that I developed and used this this concept a year ago and because I continue to experiment and create new concept now and then on how to improve people’s well being, I have forgotten about it. I have a terrible filing system even in my laptop so it is unlikely that I will easily notice that I buried something very important somewhere. In short, it just showed up again because the Universe knew I would need it again. I was suffering from emotional pain because of the many unwanted events that happened to me and my family in the past weeks. It wasn’t that easy. In fact, I realized that there really is no “superman” in this world. And if ever there is, that guy has its own kryptonite that can shoot him down. It only goes to show we are all human. However, for as long as you find a way to keep away from your own kryptonite, it cannot bother you all the time.

When I reunited with my buried written instructions again, my negative feeling began to shift so fast as I could still sense its powerful energy that helped me before. I immediately experienced great relief. I read it and followed the instructions and in just a few minutes,  my emotional pain and suffering is gone. I felt I was born again, as if nothing happened even if I knew there is still a lot of mess to clean up along the way. But thank holiness, I can face all this now with courage and my high self-esteem. self-esteem-1

If you need a lift right now, you can immediately use this to feel better. If not, you can try and practice it to familiarize yourself with it. Otherwise, just bookmark this post and go back to it when the time that you need this comes. So, without further ado, here is the simplified version of my NLP technique on how to eradicate depression or negative emotion, for you…

  • Sit in a comfortable chair. A nice meditation music can help but is not necessary.
  • Just be comfortable. Then close your eyes and take a deep breath…
  • Whatever negative emotion you are feeling now, just accept it and feel it more. Never resist that feeling. Let it flow…
  • Check your body. Where do you feel that emotion? Do you feel a heaviness in your chest area? Head area? Is it in your stomach or in the back? Is it in the shoulder area? Identify the location and focus your attention there for a while…
  • Now, try to imagine what the heaviness or pain looks like. (In my case, when I feel the heaviness or pain in my chest when I feel lonely or frustrated, I see it like a dark lump or sometimes it looks like a dark smoke with irregular shape slowly spinning in one direction. You may see it in a different image.) It doesn’t really matter how you see it. That is how you create your own representation of how you feel.
  • In your mind, Take the image with your hand and place it in front of you, about 2 feet away.
  • Focus on that image of your negative feeling. Then, think about love. Ask yourself how you want to represent love as you concentrate on that image of negative feeling. Your mind will surely and immediately give you a suggestion of how you want to represent it. (In my case, when I think of love, I see a picture of the heart in my mind. A red heart.)
  • When you see that image already (a few inches away from your negative image (right or left or above it), notice how you feel. You will feel the energy of love within your body. You will feel it stronger in your chest area. Spend a few more seconds to enjoy that feeling. You will feel that sense of relief immediately because you were having a bad feeling earlier.
  • Now, look at the two images in front of you- the “love” and the “negative emotion”. Upon seeing both of them, quickly bring the “love” over the “negative emotion”. Upon seeing this happening you will notice that the “negative emotion” is fading out or banishing itself. See it happening in a few seconds only.
  • When the “negative emotion” is gone you will feel that pure “love” right away.
  • Because the image is two feet away in front of you right now, you can slowly bring it closer you. Slowly. And as you pull it closer to you, the image of love gets bigger and bigger. As it gets bigger, you will feel the love getting stronger and stronger. Enjoy that moment where love is so pure.
  • Then, gently snap that “love” into your chest area. When you have done that, you will feel complete. Love will bring that magic in your life.
  • And finally, say these magic words: I love you, please forgive me. I love myself, I forgive myself. I care for you. I care about myself. I understand you. I understand myself. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  • Open your eyes. The job is done. Face the world with unconditional love.

Can you do it again when you need it. Well, no one says you can’t. Soon as you are able to achieve this positive feeling and that sense of unconditional love, the positive flow of life that the law of attraction has set for you will be reactivated immediately. And you are once again, reunited.

Have a nice day!

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Powerful Technique To Make Sure That The Law Of Attraction Will Always Work For You

BE GRATEFUL HOW DO YOU MAKE SURE that the Law Of Attraction will always work for you and not against you? There are so many ways to do that. However, this one right here is one of the most powerful techniques of all time.

Think of the most successful or wealthy person you know whether you know the person personally or not and imagine how he/she lives his/her life every day. If you think you feel envious or jealous about the success or wealth of that person, let it go. Do not entertain it. Instead, immediately say ‘Yes’ to how you believe he/she enjoys wealth and success. By saying yes to those things while holding the images in your awareness, the law of attraction will bring them to you. In time, they will manifest in your reality.

When you practice saying ‘Yes’ to this or that every day, you develop that sense of gratitude. And being grateful means you are thankful for the things or experiences that you already have even if in actual reality you don’t have them yet. Nature rewards those who are grateful for all the things they have received.

So, in your conscious awareness, go back to that image of the most successful or wealthy person you know and imagine how great his/ her life is. Then, say yes to the kind of life he/she is living and say it repeatedly for a number of times. Then, bring that thoughts into your heart. In your heart, focus your attention to it and then say “thank you” for a number of times. Make sure you feel that gratitude- that it really comes from the bottom of your heart. Remember, as I mentioned in one of my articles before, when you think through your heart you will never experience any sense of judgment- that’s how you know you are doing it right when you think through your heart. Be grateful for all the blessings the person has and for the wonderful life experiences he/she is living. In time, you will experience the same in your reality.

This technique works wonders especially in times when you experience frustrations or disappointments, resentment or anger, loneliness, fear and defeat. When you practice this technique, you shift your focus away from yourself and you learn to ignore the hardship caused by those challenges. And instead of attracting more of those difficulties into your life by holding those negative thoughts in your awareness, you are now telling the Universe, Yes- I want more positive and joyful life experiences. And they will come.

ONE THING YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER if you want the law of attraction to really work for you- The Universe does not take no for an answer. Whether you want that thing or not, if you hold it in your attention long enough, the Universe will bring it into your life, whether it is a positive or negative experience. So, be grateful for all the things you already have.

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It Is Possible!


I was inspired by Les Brown when he says IT IS POSSIBLE.

In the process of working on our dreams, we are going to incur a lot of disappointment, a lot of frustration, a lot of failure, a lot pain, a lot setback, a lot of defeat. But in the process of doing that we will discover some things about ourselves that we don’t know we have. We’ll realize we have greatness within us; that we are powerful that we can ever begin to imagine; we are greater than our circumstances; that we don’t have to go through life being a victim.

So, let us not stop pushing ourselves. Let us not throw the towel as we have plenty of time to recover from suffering. Let us not allow others’ opinion of us. Let us believe in ourselves. Let us be in control of our own destiny by acting on our ideas.

Life is so stretching and challenging. It is not always easy however good you see this life is today. But when you stretch it out and act on your dream you will begin to live it in your own reality.

We have learned to believe in God who created us and gave us everything we need. But sometimes we forget to believe in ourselves. So I challenge you to begin to remember who you are at all times. I challenge you to begin to make a commitment to yourself that you will believe in yourself, in your greatness, in your personal power.

God helps those who help themselves. Take any chance and drop every fear and begin to act on your ideas. Don’t wait any longer, act on your dream now- because no matter how difficult and challenging or disappointing it may be as you go through all the process of achieving it, IT IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE.

Make Affirmation Work For You Once And For All


Let me reveal this powerful secret to you. It is for free and there is no catch. It is yours for personal use.

 Why affirmation doesn’t work for you in the first place while it works for other people? It is for the simple reason being your unconscious (feeling mind) does not agree with your conscious (thinking mind). You have probably heard about that already but not the simple solution I will share with you today. If you can make these two minds congruent with each other all the time all you want to achieve will be possible- business or career success, love, abundance, successful marriage, perfect relationship, peace, travel, etc. Imagine what your life would be if you could make those quantum possibilities your reality.

Most people recite their affirmation for what they want to be, do or have over and over again everyday so that when the subconscious mind hears the suggestion your body will act it out. It is supposed to be a powerful suggestion to the unconscious so that you become the person you want to be or live the life you dream about. To attract what they want in their lives, people say their affirmation coupled with the vision of the image of their goal. To break a pile of bricks, great martial artists would visualize their hand already passed through those bricks and not how their hand would break those bricks using enormous amount of power. It will be an effortless success when they finally execute the visualized action. However, it is not that easy for the ordinary people who do not know how to use the power they already have. And that’s the point I want to raise here- you should not use affirmation excessively to get what you want because it will only lead to disappointments and frustrations. The power comes from the affirmation that one recites. If you are just like me before, one day you will conclude you don’t have any use for it and you will finally junk the idea. You have that power whether you believe it or not, you just have to know how to use it.

Let me reveal to you this powerful secret. It is for free and there is no catch. It is yours for personal use. Read and understand this carefully. The Universe is filled with possibilities and for us to make one or many of those possibilities our reality we must learn to lock in those possibilities in our thoughts by choosing what we want and then create the feeling of that choice as if we already have it. Remember, it is how you feel it and not just how you say and envision it. Affirmation will only help you in this exercise to clarify what you want. Visualization will only help you in this exercise if you will be able to see the image in your heart and if you can create the feeling associated with the image of your vision. The power sits in the heart so you have to learn to create the feeling from the heart and not from the conscious mind (thinking mind). And there is only one simple gauge to know if you are doing it right– when you use your mind to create the feeling, you judge that feeling, but when you use your heart you create a feeling without judging the feeling you create. And remember, the only feeling you can create is either LOVE or HATRED.

Here is a simple illustration:

  1. Think about what you want. Saying it out loud once or twice in the form of an affirmation will help you to focus and create that image in your mind.
  2. From your conscious mind, fill your thought with some emotions like joy or happiness, or peace.
  3. Bring that thought or vision down into your heart and create the feeling of LOVE. To create the feeling of LOVE, you must exercise gratitude while focusing your attention in the heart area. LOVE here means unconditional love, no judgment. When you succeed in doing this, (it is not always easy if you are a novice), then milk that feeling and stay there for as long as you can.
  4. Finally, when you are done with the exercise you have to make sure you are connected with your feeling every day. How? – By thinking about your goal first then shifting your attention to your heart. Remember to spend more time in the heart area. And because you have chosen the feeling of having it already in your life, consider it done.

Overcoming Procrastination using NLP Technology

CRAMMING-1 Cramming is either my best friend or my best enemy. When I cram, I get some energy boost as I feel a surge of energy rushing through my body. Like most people I am better off when I cram. However, it doesn’t happen all the time. There are times that I become my own victim of cramming. I run out of time, the quality of my works suffers, it impairs my memory when I cram for my talk or speech. Those are just a few negative consequences of my bad habit. Some students who cram most of the time suffer from erratic grades- depriving their body of sleep is not worth it academically. They also suffer from impaired memory as this bad routine (cramming) works against the memorization of some key ideas. However, if you ask some students, like my daughter who is a sophomore in college, will tell you that cramming helps them to get better grades because mugging helps them to study with determination. However, the result is short-term. An active learning practice by the students equals a long-term retention of materials in their memory. Good or bad, it leaves you a bad mark in your well being. Whether you like it or not, the negative effect of cramming will haunt you in the future. Therefore it must be stopped. A bad habit, if you don’t know how to do away with, will give you so much trouble in the long run. But if you only know how to end this cramming or squeezing of your work into insufficient time or space, you will enjoy more fun and freedom in your personal life.

Cramming as a way of putting materials together in an insufficient space or time, is a negative situation resulting from procrastination or a procrastinating habit. To eradicate the cramming habit, you must identify first what is the cause or causes of the delay of your course or courses of action. CRAMMING-3That’s how you analyze it in NLP perspective. Most of the causes you will discover when you begin your own process are side trips. Let me use myself as an example. Sometimes it takes me a long time before I can really concentrate on writing my articles or working on my training modules for some reason which I am aware of. And if you are also a procrastinator you will discover why you do it in the first place if you will just come to think of it. In my case, the reason why I procrastinate on writing my materials is because I find it as a difficult task. It is like when you feel sluggish to go to the gym for your workout because you find it taxing or sometimes a boring routine. So, because of that feeling you stay a bit for a while in your house and begin to read newspaper or watch some TV program until your mood shifts, then you go. So, rather than beginning my work immediately because it is time to work on it, I pause for a while and watch my favorite TV show and say to myself—“let me just take a look at the news for a while.” That “for a while” will extend from 30 minutes up to a few hours before I can really focus and start doing it. A big chunk of my time has been wasted. It makes me unproductive within that period.

PROCRASTINATING EMOTION-2 So, would you like to learn how to stop your procrastinating habit? Read on if you are interested.

Overcoming Procrastinating Habit:

Please note that this will work effectively if you apply it when you find yourself procrastinating already. However, as a matter of practice, do this exercise so that you will be guided when you find yourself in the act of procrastinating.


Close your eyes and think about a task or work or project or anything you struggle to start doing or to finish because you procrastinate. By thinking about it you will see the image or picture of it. Notice how you feel as you think about doing it. What negative emotion can you elicit from the image?

Is it boredom, laziness, fear, anger, resentment, of lesser value, what have you. Which part of your body do you notice or feel the emotion- chest, head, belly, wherever, just notice where it is. PROCRASTINATING-2

When you have identified which location the emotion is coming from, then in your imagination use your hand and pull out that emotion, as you represented it with an image earlier. Then place it in front of you about 6 inches away from your face. And leave it there. Notice how you feel. The emotion may still be intense. Pull the image  closer about an inch from your face and notice again how you feel. It could be more intense than if it were 6 inches away. Now, push that image farther by about 1 foot. Then notice how you feel. Then push it farther and away by 10 feet. Notice how you feel. If you can still see it while it is 10 feet away, you will feel some emotion, although it has been diminished by this time. Just leave it there 10 feet away for a while.


Now, Think about your usual side trip when you procrastinate. The side trip usually happens soon as you feel the emotion you just pulled out a while ago when you think of doing the task. It could be seeing yourself picking up the TV’s remote control or going to the direction of the refrigerator to get some food or picking up your cellphone to call someone instead, what have you.

Your imagination could have gone ahead of you this time as you think about it. Go back to the very beginning, from where it is about to start. For example, if it is picking up the remote control of the TV to start viewing your favorite TV show instead of beginning to work on your project, see yourself in the act of picking up the remote control and freeze it right there in front of you.

Now, go back to the image of your emotion you left there at 10 feet away. Pull the image closer in front of you. You will notice that as you pull it toward you, the image gets bigger and your negative emotion gets more intense again. Then combine the image of that emotion with the image of your act that you just froze a while ago. Put them together in one picture, side by side.


This time, with the image in front of you, make it bigger. As you make it bigger, the emotion becomes more intense. Then double the feeling as you double the size of the image.

Then, push that image away from you by a foot away and notice how you feel. Then push it a little more away from you by 10 feet.

Then as you look at it from afar, quickly shrink that image into the smallest size as you can. Then blink it black and white and as it blinks, push it farther and farther until you see it no more.

Then check your feeling. Think about that task you procrastinate on again. How do you feel about it now? Has the level of emotion gone down? I am sure it went down significantly. However, you may still feel it. If that is so, just repeat the process until the emotion is completely gone.


Now, imagine yourself in front of you, facing you. See yourself feeling enthusiastic about doing your task. See yourself so excited about doing it and that you intend to finish it. Focus on the positive emotion- it could be joy, excitement, drive, enthusiasm, eagerness to finish, what have you. Then, as you see yourself having that positive emotion, float yourself up into your image in front of you.

When you have possessed your own image, see what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel and double the feeling more and more. Stay with that condition for a few moment before you open your eyes. When you are done, open your eyes. Stand up slowly and begin doing your task immediately.

CONGRATULATIONS! Until next time.

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In God’s Perfect Timing…

in his time-4 In His time or in God’s perfect timing

I just came from an out of town workshop I conducted the other day in a Hotel in Caliraya, Quezon, here in the Philippines. On our way home a thought came to my mind which I pondered as I lay on the car seat slightly tilted. The thought was “In God’s Perfect Timing” or similar to “In His Time”. I asked myself how come most people would resort to that thought (reframing) when they didn’t get what they wanted or when their prayer was not answered on the day they expected it. Like my parents or siblings would always remark “In His Time it will happen, it is not yet time”.  I am sure you are familiar with the phrase. I was watching a documentary program on TV the other day where a mother was being interviewed. Her son did not pass the exam and she said in filipino language while trying to console her son… “ayos lang yan anak, di pa kalooban ng Diyos na pumasa ka (Don’t feel bad my son, you will pass when you take the exam again in God’s perfect timing). Does it mean that when you did not pass the board exam or the bar exam or any licensure examination it is because God did not want you to pass yet? I asked myself. I am sure there will be different interpretations about this. Please bear with me, I just wanted to share what I just realized.

One of the few reasons why our prayers will not be answered at the expected time is because of our internal resistance or attachment to the outcome of what we are praying for. In the same manner, the reason why some deals will not materialize on time or a project will not push through is because of the internal resistance or attachment to outcome. It can greatly influence our perspective in a negative way. Ergo, it will affect our results.

Internal resistance is lack of faith or trust. Doubt. It is like keeping your long list of “What If’s” in your mind. It is more likely that you will not receive what you asked for on time if you don’t let go of your internal resistance. Let go of the “what if” like “What if my prayer was not heard yet, what if it doesn’t come on time, what if I fail, what if a problem crop up” and so on and you will receive it. However, the guarantee will not come from the Universe or from me, it will come from you. Stat working on it now. And improve on it. For some, it may take time. It doesn’t always happen overnight. You have to get the hang of it before you experience the positive result. In my future article I will post an NLP technique on how you can program your brain to interpret the phrase “In God’s Perfect Timing” every time you say it or hear it as a reminder from your conscious to command your unconscious to release all resistance or doubts at once. It will shift your vibration and set your mind and action on the right track.

God’s perfect timing is the present moment. The “Now”. The Universe doesn’t understand the term “yesterday”, “today” or “tomorrow”, “in the future” or “later”. It only understands the present as there is no time and space in the Universe. Therefore, God’s perfect timing is only “Now”, the present. So when you ask the Universe for something or when you pray to God, make sure you release your resistance right away. Accept the fact that it may not happen at the time you expect it and it will come. Why? Because accepting the fact that it may not happen at the time you expect it does not mean it will not come on time. It means you are relinquishing your control of the outcome to the Universe. Let God work for you. Always say- In God’s perfect timing or in His time. And when or before you utter the phrase, make sure you believe the fact that the perfect time is now. Expect my post on how your unconscious can facilitate the letting go or resistance release quickly…in God’s perfect timing.

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