• After years of practicing Law Of Attraction principles I realized that I only had a few success in manifesting what I wanted to do, have or be, both minor and major things. Like most people, I suffered from disappointments and frustrations.

    Success in manifesting does not only depend on the clarity of purpose or goal no matter how crystal clear, it is just the first step. The true success lies on how consistent you are in controlling your thoughts and emotions in order to maintain your higher vibration along your journey. And that is the most difficult part of the process. If one cannot develop the habit of being consistent, he/she will end up abandoning this belief.

    With my persistence, the Universe showed me everything I needed to know so I can manifest what I want effortlessly and swiftly. Until I have summed up everything that really works in one success formula.

    If you want to learn how to do it with me, you may want to join me in this journey.

    CJ Alba
    Professional NLP Practitioner, Trainer and Facilitator


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