How Did I Quit Smoking After 30 Years?

Quit Smoking Book CoverHey guys, I am glad to be back here. You know, this past weeks I was so engrossed in writing my ebook on quitting smoking. I wanted to finish it in two weeks’ time so that I could move on with my other tasks. I actually missed my target as I went over another week for editing works, but it’s worth it. Finally, thank God because just today, I have submitted my manuscript to Amazon Kindle, Smashwords and to its ebook channels/retailer partners in different regions.  I always say I am proud of this book because it is about my personal story of successful cold turkey quitting, and it is a real cold turkey.

Millions of copies of different books on how to quit smoking have been sold to millions of people in the planet for years, and yet there are hundreds of millions of smokers today who are STILL looking for the right solution. Is it because the majority of those smokers who said they quit did not really quit forever?

Quitting smoking had not been easy for me in 30 years. Like most smokers, I always treated quitting as an almost impossible dream, but despite, I always had that urge to quit. What I realized was that, and I admittedly regret it today, I never really sat down and contemplated the possible reasons why I couldn’t easily quit; what had been causing my dependence to nicotine? I knew I would always fail quitting, but every time I would have the urge to quit and get myself out of addiction, I always found myself back in the same rut.  That realization was in fact, the reason why I pushed through with my idea of writing this book.

The title of the book is “How Did I Quit Smoking After 30 Years?” with subtitle “Who says a cold turkey way is not possible? Discover how I tasted victory after 30 long years. You too can be smoke-free for a lifetime.” which I dedicated to my father who died of lung cancer seven years ago.

Each chapter of the book is designed to condition/prepare the readers’ mind for the quitting process which is toward the last chapters. The beauty of this book is that it is entirely different from the other quit smoking books in the market. The process is very practical that any human being can understand and perform on their own. In the end upon realizing your successful result, you will be amazed while you can’t help but scratch your head and say: I never thought it could be this easy; where has this idea been hiding all these years? I myself scratched my head :). Thanks to my NLP skills.

I hope you will find time to check it out from your favorite ebook channels in the internet in the next couple of weeks, although it is now available in Smashwords today and it will be on Amazon within 24 hours from the time I posted this blog. I recommend this book as your gift to yourself if you are a smoker wanting to quit, if not, as your gift to someone else smoking.

Until next time!


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