How did I stop overindulging in chocolate?

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All of us have so many bad habits and bad eating habit is one of them. Yes, I am guilty I must admit. One day, I will have to sit down and have a self-talk to convince myself to change my eating habit. Even though I have junked my overindulgence in chocolate, I still have poor eating habit. But since I have worked this one out, the main culprit will soon be eradicated.

If you are overindulging in eating your favorite food, not only chocolate, here is how you can stop it. Please note that the one I am posting here is not the actual and exact model I used for myself. The reason? It is a long process and requires a longer post, longer than this one. To make it simple, I modeled another process which I also have tried and tested. It worked, although it is a bit gross (I have revised it several times and this is the best I came up). But sometimes it has to be this way so we learn quickly. So here it is.

This exercise must be done efficiently. If you will do it alone, it is better to memorize the script and imagine that it is me or your own therapist talking to you with the script. If you will work with another person to help you, let him or her read the script to guide you. Either way, the voice of the person whether imagined or a real person helping you with the exercise must be in the right tonality, which is close to a low pitch and with slow pacing. The tonality must be in downward inflection. (Ask the internet about downward inflection to guide you).


It is important that you have in front of your your favorite food. Put that on a table at your chest level. About 6 inches in front of you, but dont touch it. Not yet.

Close your eyes. I want you to imagine the picture of your favorite food to eat. See the picture in your mind, and experience the feeling it can give you. As you see it in your mind, it waters your mouth immediately. That’s right and you are now craving for it. Yes, right, you are craving for it…. Now, you probably saw that image in front of you or in the upper left corner above your head. Now, I want you to shrink the size of that picture to about an inch. Then leave that shrunk picture there for a while.

Now, open your eyes. I want you to imagine now the worst food you have ever tasted or eaten in your whole life. If you cannot think of that experience or perhaps you can’t remember eating the worst food on earth at this time, it is just fine. You can think of any food that in your judgement is the worst food to eat. I am sure you can find one in your mind. When you have found that bad food in your mind, close your eyes. I want you to bring the image closer to your face and notice how you feel. Is it giving you a yucky feeling or a feeling that you want to throw up? If it’s the worst food like you think it is, then you have chosen the worst food. If not yet, repeat the process of finding the right worst food again. Until you succeed. Then push that image or picture of the bad food towards your upper left corner about a feet away above your head so that you are looking at it diagonally to your upper left corner. It is actually the same location where you saw the picture of your favorite food, isn’t it?


Close your eyes again. I want you to pull that picture of worst food to eat in front of you and make it a live image. Meaning, you are now seeing in front of you a real worst food to eat. It is no longer just a picture. It is real. Now see yourself holding it…. and you are now putting it in your mouth to taste it. Now taste it even if you feel you don’t like doing it…. see how you can tolerate the taste of it. If you can tolerate it, do you think you now like the taste or beginning to like the taste? Of course, since you knew that it is the worst food you can ever eat in your entire life, you really wouldn’t want to taste it again. Now, notice how imagining it and tasting it affects your mouth… is it watering? is it getting dry? How is it affecting your stomach? Do you feel like throwing up? What is your level of acidity in your stomach?

Now, after tasting it, I want you to really have a bite of that food. If you can have a bite of it, then chew it, if you can chew it, then swallow it…. If you are able to do it, you now have experienced in reality, how it feels to eat the worst food on earth. If you are not able to do it, it means you will never try to do it again in the future, will you?


Now, as you keep your eyes closed, I want you to go back to the picture of your favorite food where you left it a while ago. I want you to enlarge that picture to its original size. How do you feel seeing it again? I am sure you now feel a little better.

Now leave that picture there again and go back to the picture of the worst food that is still in front of you. Now, In a split second, I want you to switch the location of these two pictures. The worst food must go to where the favorite food is and the favorite food must go to where the worst food is.

Now, notice that your favorite food is in front of you now and it is located in the same place where the worst food was. IT ONLY MEANS ONE THING, your favorite food is now CONTAMINATED and having the TASTE of the worst food. I want you to notice how you feel now that your favorite food in front of you is contaminated and having the worst taste unlike before. My question now is, will you try to have a bite and chew it then swallow it? Will you eat the same kind of food in the future now that it tastes like the worst food? I am sure you won’t. And you will not.


Open your eyes now, then look at the real favorite food on the table in front of you. How do you feel about it now? Do you still crave for it. Now touch it. Would you like to eat it? If you still crave for it, then, do the exercise again one more time. It should work the first time you do the exercise, though.


If you will surround yourself with your favorite food again and again after doing this particular mind programming (NLP), then there is a great chance that you will recreate the same brain pattern for your favorite food. To have a lasting effect after doing this exercise, make a decision to avoid that kind of food and that you will never taste it again. In case it fades after a long time and you think you are beginning to crave again, you know how to teach your brain now. Just repeat the exercise once again and it will work just the same. Good luck!


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